Insurance Requirements

All Schools
  • CDSP and the PTOs are insured by AIM.
  • AIM policy types: General Liability, Accident (complements GL), Bonding, Property Coverage and Officer’s Liability.
  • All PTOs must carry General Liability insurance ($1M limit, option of $2M) and Non-Profit Professional Liability (Officer’s Liability). Additional coverage is available including property insurance and bonding.
  • Bonding requires annual audit and monthly bank reconciliations by a non-checksigner with an appropriate background. (Special CDSP Meeting Minutes 5/6/08)
  • All outside vendors must provide a Certificate of Insurance naming PTO, CDSP, School, Darien Board of Education and Town of Darien as additional insured. This must be received each year. It should also show that their Worker’s Comp insurance is valid (if they have employees), but not name anyone as additional insured for that policy.

Council of Darien School Parents (CDSP)

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