Paul Engemann Award

Heart and Soul Service Award

Paul T. Engemann Heart & Soul Service Award

In the minds of many associated with the Darien Public Schools, including the Council of Darien School Parents, Paul was the heart and soul of the school system.

Paul Engemann, the former Director of Facilities and Operations, worked in the Darien school system for more than 15 years. Paul served from 1992-1999 and was later recruited back to Darien in 2002, working here until his passing in 2010. While he lived in Fairfield with his wife Amanda and their two children, son Kelton and daughter Andrea, he became a fixture in our town; working as the lead person for the new DHS and Tokeneke building projects. Paul’s lasting contribution was not just the buildings he helped erect, but the atmosphere of the collaboration he fostered.

Paul had the ability to connect with people; from his custodial and maintenance staff to the PTO’s, Board of Education members, town officials, local citizens and government. He had the ability to work cooperatively with the community to create the best learning environment for our students. He logged in countless hours that many never realized; always with passion and energy and without fanfare. Interactions with Paul were characterized by his wonderful sense of humor and genuine concern for people. He was the first to offer insight or expertise to any local committee, organization or department in need; he was the “go-to” guy for almost anything, and he enjoyed being presented with a new challenge.

Paul valued family, school, education and community, and worked as Darien’s bridge between the schools and community. Each year a graduating Darien High School student is acknowledged with this award for exhibiting a similar commitment to selflessly serve both Darien High School and the Darien community.

Below is a list of past recipients:

2011: Lee Bolton
2012: Niya Wright
2013: John Thomas Fucigna
2014: John (Wes) Bielstein
2015: Noah Hathaway
2016: Finley Wetmore

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